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Healthier environment.

Your autarchic water source

An autonomous water dispenser in your home offers you, your family and the environment many advantages. As your water is created from the air, long transport routes and PET bottles that land on the garbage at best will no longer be necessary. This puts less strain on the environment and saves resources. The water from our water dispensers is free of impurities and additives. It creates water in its purest form, soothing for your body.


Only 1% of the total water on Earth is pure drinking water, so it is important to deal responsibly with this resource. In Germany, every person consumes about 120 litres
Water per day in the household: When cooking, cleaning and showering, for flushing toilets, washing and
Dishwasher. But in total, we consume 40 times as much water a day, around 5,000 litres.


Around 2,000 litres of water are consumed for one kilogram of feed soy, mainly for irrigation of the fields. The production of a cotton T-shirt gobbles up about 2,500 litres of water and the production of a kilogram of beef even 15,000 litres.


Clean water is not a given for all people. More than a billion people do not have access to drinking water and 2.6 billion live without connection to a water supply or sewage system.